The Department of Defense has awarded Lightsense Technology

The Department of Defense has awarded Lightsense Technology a Phase I SBIR grant to develop a radically new spectrometer architecture that integrates data from separate miniature spectrometers, all incorporated into one handheld instrument, using multimodal data fusion and Artificial Intelligence for pattern recognition and data analysis. This patented architecture breaks new ground in spectroscopy and is built on handheld spectrometer platforms developed by Lightsense. This multispectral architecture is expected to yield several orders of magnitude enhancement of sensitivity and accuracy and will provide a unique ability to identify and quantify viral pathogens. Critically, this technology is “future-proof”, being able to “learn” the signatures of new pathogens that may––and will––appear in the future. The work under this grant will result in a compact handheld optical instrument capable of quickly, accurately, safely, and at low-cost detecting SARS-CoV-2 virus in saliva.