A new dawn in infrared sensor technology

Lightsense has developed a path-breaking technology platform for infrared sensing that will have a profound impact on how we analyze and monitor our environment. The Lightsense technology will make our environment “smarter” to save energy, and identify and measure sources of pollution. The technology platform will be used to make connected, highly accurate, low power sensors and miniature spectrometers that will form the basis for ubiquitous, wireless networks to power the Internet of Things.


Lightsense has developed a new generation of Infrared MEMS devices that constitute a platform for designing accurate and low power IR sensors and miniature spectrometers for multiple markets. 


Smart Cities can mitigate the effects of pollution with networks of sensors to collect actionable data on the environment.  Lightsense technology can be applied to measure environmental pollutants.  


The development of IR sensing for medical diagnostics and health monitoring will lead to small, handheld, miniaturized, and eventually wearable IR sensors for non-invasive point-of-care (POC).