Lightsense Spectrometry Solutions

Lightsense provides miniature, handheld spectrometers that can serve a wide range of materials analysis applications.

Our focus is on developing a new class of spectroscopy tools to help solve major problems in public health, such as detecting illicit drugs and bacterial pathogens and for environmental monitoring.


Spectroscopy is the science of using light of many wavelengths to analyze objects. Spectrometers are used to determine the composition of the object being studied, for example a chemical substance or a biological entity, generating spectra that are unique for the substance being analyzed, providing a “spectral fingerprint”.

Spectra contain large amounts of data and Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning can be used to detect patterns and predict outcomes.

Input Spectrum

Machine learning

Predictive Model

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The Lightsense handheld spectrometers are lightweight, easy to use, and accurate. They are also faster and less expensive than competing technologies and will find applications in a multitude of industries.