About Our Company

The Company

Lightsense is breaking new ground by translating expensive, tabletop spectrometer instrumentation into miniaturized, handheld platforms with its advanced MEMS and optical detection technology powered with AI. The Lightsense technology portfolio and deep know-how has been developed by a seasoned and accomplished team over a couple of decades. This has led to miniaturized and affordable products with unique capabilities for identifying and analyzing materials, which will lead to solutions for critical problems in a range of verticals.

With an enabling technology that can address multiple verticals, Lightsense works with partners to tailor its spectrometer platform for their vertical. The current focus is on handheld spectrometers to detect illicit drugs, aimed at law enforcement and building inspection, as well as prevention of narcotics diversion from hospitals.

Management Team

Lightsense has assembled a seasoned management team with decades of experience in all the critical areas of the business. The team members, management and advisory board, have extensive experience from founding and leading successful start-ups, being high-level management in large multi-national technology companies and accomplished research personnel from top-level academic research universities and national laboratories. It also includes a Washington, DC, based sales team with deep roots into state and federal law and security agencies, including a 25-year veteran of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). From science to marketing, from business development to engineering, we have the team to quickly grow our business. It includes individuals who have sold technology and companies and secured significant funding in the US and abroad, as well as participated in IPO and M&A events.