Product Overview

Lightsense is developing a new multispectral architecture that integrates two or more spectroscopies. Analytics based on machine learning can be used to detect patterns not otherwise observable. A series of optical detectors for illicit drugs are the first products based on multispectral architecture.

Drug Detection Instruments

Detecting Illicit Drugs – Protecting First Responders

The first instrument launched in Q4-2022, DrugDetect-F1, can detect both fentanyl and methamphetamine at very low concentrations with high fidelity. The Lightsense multispectral instrument can detect drugs through plastic bags for enhanced safety of the officer. Fentanyl detection is the highest priority of Law Enforcement due to its extreme toxicity and large number of overdoses.

DrugDetect Platform

Pathogen Detection Instrument

Lightsense is developing multispectral instruments for detection of bacterial pathogens in aqueous solutions and bodily fluids. The Lightsense designs will detect bacterial pathogens with high sensitivity and provide identification of the pathogen. This will help safeguard the food supply.