First Responder-TV Announces Product Of The Year – Lightsense DrugDetect-F1

January 18, 2023 – Conklin, NY – It’s become a regularly occurring storyline: Law Enforcement agencies issue dire warnings stating the deadly effects of just touching minute amounts of fentanyl, only to have officers succumbing to exposure through the air or direct skin contact while testing for these substances. One Arizona company, Lightsense Technology, has decided to do something about the problem and has developed a safe, contactless, and immediate way to detect drugs with extreme toxicity such as fentanyl with no risk to the officer.

“As soon as we saw what this new technology could do to protect our officers in the field or in a lab, we knew it was a top contender for our Product of the Year,” stated Bill Rogers, Executive Producer of First Responder-TV. “This is going to be a game-changer when fighting the war on fentanyl.”

In December of 2022, fentanyl overdoses are now the number one cause of death among adults 18-45 in America. Never before has the battle against such a drug reached such critical levels.

Lightsense has developed the DrugDetect-F1, a unique and patented, hand-held, technology platform that can detect fentanyl and methamphetamine without potentially lethal or hazardous direct contact or exposure to these dangerous materials. The DrugDetect-F1 can effectively detect fentanyl and methamphetamine at low concentrations even when mixed with various other substances.

“Lightsense’s breakthrough technology is first embodied in this great new product to help Law Enforcement quickly and safely detect fentanyl in the field. It’s small, light, and simple, with a push of just one button” commented Lightsense’s CMO Bruce Berkoff.

The DrugDetect-F1 is a handheld spectrometer that provides a safe and effective solution to identifying illicit substances in a quick and accurate manner. Even when these substances are contained in sealed transparent plastic bags. These spectrometers are lightweight, easy to use, accurate, faster, and less expensive than competing products.

Terje Skotheim Ph.D., CEO of Lightsense stated, “It’s a great honor to receive this recognition. Our team has worked hard to put this new technology in the hands of law enforcement nationwide. It will save lives & money.”

Departments and agencies can learn more through an interview that First Responder-TV conducted with Lightsense at IACP 2022: Lightsense Technology on First Responder-TV

“It’s with great pleasure that we recognize Lightsense with our Product of the Year Award,” stated Rogers. “This will certainly add a much-needed layer of protection for our officers and our communities throughout the country.”

For details, and to see Lightsense’s new product, the Drug Detect F1, visit their website at:


About Lightsense Technology

Lightsense has developed groundbreaking multi-spectral technology platforms for chemical, molecular, and pathogen identification. Their advanced high-sensitivity mini-spectrometer designs also enable new lightweight and inexpensive handheld devices to address large vertical markets in “public health”, such as the detection of illicit drugs, rapid screening for viral/bacterial pathogens, and monitoring bacterial pathogens in the food supply chain. For more information, visit, call (888) 736-7349 ext. 701, or email [email protected]. All products are Designed, Made, & Calibrated in the USA.

Media Contact: Bruce Berkoff, CMO Lightsense Technology, [email protected],
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Media Contact: Bill Rogers, Executive Producer, First Responder-TV, [email protected], (607) 595-0477