Lightsense Technology reaches key milestones in new DrugDetect-F1 launch, enabling faster, safer, easier, and inexpensive Fentanyl detection via a handheld optical device for Law Enforcement in the field.

April 19, 2023 – Tucson, AZLightsense Technology, Inc., a pioneer in developing a multi-spectroscopic solution to the intractable problems associated with the opioid crisis, announced today that its recently launched DrugDetect-F1 (DD-F1) handheld optical device for Fentanyl and Methamphetamine detection is reaching key milestones in its rollout.  The DrugDetect-F1, a “point-and-shoot”, highly accurate and economical drug detection device was designed to help Law Enforcement Officers to deal with today’s difficult and deadly opioid epidemic.  This new, cost-effective drug detection device allows Law Enforcement to determine whether a threat is present on a surface in powder form or within a thin transparent packaging, minimizing officer exposure and enabling them to perform their job more efficiently with dramatically enhanced safety.

The DD-F1 was recently named “Product of the Year” by, for its design, ease of use, and benefits to society and first responders. As stated by the executive producer of First Responder-TV, Bill Rogers, “This is going to be a game-changer when fighting the war on Fentanyl. This excellent example of innovation in development and manufacturing will certainly add a much-needed layer of protection for our officers and our communities throughout the country.”

The Walden Group LLC (a well-known forensic science and investigation company), recently issued an independent “instrument validity” assessment report on the DD-F1, showing that the device performed as promised, correctly analyzing multiple samples in their lab and correlating all results to more specific chemical analysis testing by GC/MS. Both this report and the Product-of-the-Year award can be seen on the website: (DrugDetect ).

The DD-F1 device is currently in use by various police forces throughout the country and in Mexico, including Pima County (AZ) Sheriff’s Department in Tucson, where Lightsense is based. Several jurisdictions have used the DD-F1 for several months, and Pima County has received permission from the DA to use it in a presumptive testing manner, meaning that a positive signal for Fentanyl can serve as probable cause for a search or detainment, together with other factors as judged by the Law Enforcement officer and the rules of their jurisdiction. Several cases currently underway in Pima County are moving through the court system and are expected to be adjudicated in the near future. Once these cases are adjudicated, this process will complete the last major milestone needed to establish the DD-F1 as an effective tool in a court of law and establish the basis for budgeting for fiscal year appropriations throughout the country. Lightsense is working with early users to assist in acquiring government grants for the technology.

“Lightsense’s breakthrough spectroscopy technology is first embodied in this great new product to help Law Enforcement quickly and safely detect fentanyl in the field. It’s small, lightweight, and simple to operate, with – just a push of a button” commented Lightsense’s VP of Law Enforcement Strategy, Lenny Lemer Muñiz, formerly Special Advisor to the Police Commissioner of the New York City Police Department (NYPD) and Special Advisor to the Director of the New York/New Jersey High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA), Office of National Drug Control Policy.

Departments and agencies can learn more through an interview that First Responder-TV conducted with Lightsense at IACP 2022: Lightsense Technology on First Responder-TV, and/or the Lightsense website,

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Lightsense has developed a groundbreaking multi-spectral technology platform, a radical new spectroscopy architecture, for chemical, molecular and pathogen identification. Their advanced high-sensitivity mini-spectrometer designs also enable new lightweight and inexpensive handheld devices to support solutions such as for law enforcement organizations, food supply chain, and beyond. These devices can address critical analytical and detection problems in a wide range of large vertical markets in “public health”, such as rapid detection of illicit drugs, rapid screening for viral/bacterial pathogens, and monitoring bacterial pathogens in various parts of the food supply chain. For more information, visit, or call 1-888-736-7349, #701. Also write, [email protected].  All products are Designed, Made, & Supported in the USA

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