Lightsense Technology announces Steve Whalley to join their Board

Preparing for a new growth era with new BOD participation

January 3, 2022 – Tucson, AZ – Lightsense Technology, a pioneer of developing multi-spectroscopic solutions
to address large problems in public health—from the opioid crisis to the pandemic, food safety and quality
assurance in the pharmaceutical supply chain, —announced that Steve Whalley, a seasoned executive from
the semiconductor and sensor industries, has joined their BOD.

“We are very excited to welcome Steve to the Board during this new growth phase for Lightsense, and we are
counting on his experience, insights, and counsel in this important time for our company”, said Terje Skotheim,
Founder & CEO of Lightsense Technology.
Steve Whalley is on the Board of the tinyML foundation (which focuses on very low power sensor data
analytics and machine learning), as well as having served as the strategy officer for the MEMS & Sensor
Industry Group, and before that he was at Intel for over 26 years, with his final role as a Director,
Mems/Sensors. He has an electrical engineering degree and an MBA, and has advised a diverse set of start-ups
for the last few years from his base in Phoenix AZ.
Steve will be taking over the seat that was held by Gordon Davidson, who is retiring from that role after many
years of service to the company as a Board member. “We want to thank Gordon for his long and faithful
service to the company, and his valuable help in growing this entity from an early start-up into the current one
poised for success with breakthrough spectroscopic technology”, add CEO Skotheim.
Steve commented, “I am happy to be joining Lightsense’ Board now at the start of 2022, which is sure to be an
important year both for the company and our world, with the growing threats to public health from the opioid
epidemic and the global pandemic as well as other key challenges where we believe Lightsense technology can
help provide value via unique solutions in the future”.
About Lightsense Technology
Lightsense has developed a groundbreaking multi-spectral technology platform, such as the patented “Enhanced
Photodetection Spectroscopy” (EPS), a radical new spectroscopy architecture, for chemical, molecular and
pathogen identification. Their advanced miniaturized high-sensitivity spectrometer designs also enable new
lightweight and inexpensive handheld devices to support solutions such as for law enforcement organizations,
and beyond. These devices can address critical analytical and detection problems in a wide range of large vertical
markets in “public health”, such as quick and easy detection of illicit drugs, rapid screening for viral/bacterial
pathogens, and monitoring bacterial pathogens in various parts of the food supply chain.
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