Lightsense Technology’s DrugDetect-F1 Wins Product Of The Year In Law Enforcement Market

Lightsense Technology continues to make waves in the Law Enforcement market with its Fentanyl and Meth detection device. 

After an interview in October at IACP, as of January 18th, 2023 Lightsense Technology has officially been awarded “Product Of The Year” by First Responder-TV for “excellence and innovation in developing and manufacturing the DrugDetect-F1, which will save lives in the war on drugs.”

In a recent Press Release First Responder-TV’s Executive Producer Bill Rogers stated “As soon as we saw what this new technology could do to protect our officers in the field or in a lab, we knew it was a top contender for our Product of the Year. This is going to be a game-changer when fighting the war on fentanyl.”

Lightsense’s CMO Bruce Berkoff added “Lightsense’s breakthrough EPS technology is first embodied in this great new product to help Law Enforcement quickly and safely detect fentanyl in the field. It’s small, light, and simple, with a push of just one button.”

Terje Skotheim, Ph.D. and CEO of Lightsense also commented, “It’s a great honor to receive this recognition. Our team has worked hard to put this new technology in the hands of law enforcement nationwide. It will save lives & money.”

About DrugDetect-F1

The DrugDetect-F1 uses revolutionary multi-spectral technology. Operating with high levels of accuracy to detect large or trace amounts of illicit drugs (even through thin transparent bags). This lightweight point-and-shoot detector can be easily used right in the field. Improving safety and efficiency for Law Enforcement Officers while reducing the risk of accidental exposure.

To get the message out and help keep Law Enforcement Officers safe, we created the following commercial:

Furthermore, The Walden Group LLC, conducted numerous tests on the DrugDetect-F1 to verify device accuracy. The Walden Group LLC is a multifaceted, interdisciplinary organization that offers a wide variety of private investigation services including forensic science consultation and analysis. To read the full validation report, click here.

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